Musicological Research Seminar

Lecture: T. Carlis Roberts

【Date】11/27 (五) 13:00&nbs

【Date】11/27 (五) 13:00 – 15:00
【Speaker】T. Carlis Roberts (Associate Professor/University of California, Berkeley)
【Topic】Spiritual Technologies and the Metaphysics of Enslavement

What is freedom? What might it have meant to enslaved African Americans in the early United States? And did race have anything to do with it? In many narratives of black slave life, liberation has been figured as a release from physical bondage and racial subjugation. This talk illuminates additional frontiers of rupture, boundary transgression, and exodus in black music of the colonial era. I suggest forms such as spirituals, ring shout, and congregational hymns served multiple liberatory functions in physical and metaphysical realms. Drawing on Afrofuturist theories, I highlight these traditions as “spiritual technologies” that provided a way to both cope with slave life and build a new world. To conclude, I introduce the Spiritual Technologies Project, a current research and performance venture that attempts to document the multivalence of black spiritual practices and paint a more nuanced picture of black musical politics.



*提醒1.  本次演講時間為13:00 – 15:00。由於講者目前人在美國,屆時將透過視訊的方式演講,時差的部份,台灣時間13:00為講者當地時間22:00。

*提醒2.  場地更換至普通教室506教室。