Our Memories

NameUndergraduate InstitutionYear of GraduationThesis Title
Ying-Rong LIDepartment of International Business & Department of Music, National Dong-Hua University2022Exploring the Silence in Films: Case Study of Interstellar, The Sound of Metal, and The Silent Forest
Hsien-Sheng CHENDepartment of Life Science, National Taiwan University2022Impressionistic Criticism on Music Style: A Case Study of Guanling School of Guqin
Guan-Jhen HUANGDepartment of Music, National Sun Yat-sen University2022From East-West Hybridity to Japan’s Asianess: Minoru Miki’s Reflective Practice of Heterophony and Cross-cultural Composing
Sue-ann SHIAHMusic Business, Belmont University2021Healing, and Embodiment: Relamation in the Worship Practice  of LGBTQ Christian Movements In North America and Asia
Chia-yen CHANGDepartment of Music, National Taipei University of Education2021Anak Band (Children of Band): Musical Community of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Taiwan
 Samuel GARCIANorthwestern University Chinese Language and Cultures2021Dragging Up Taiwan: The Construction of Queer Genders through Drag Performance in Taipei
 Shao-hsuan LINNational Chung Cheng University2021The Changing Concept of “Geyao” and Its Application in Senior High School Music Textbooks in Taiwan
 Sheng-jie LIOUChinese Music Department, National Taiwan University of Arts2021Loving Sinophone: Singapore-Malaya Context of Mandarin Popular Songs during Mid-Twentieth Century
 Yin-hsuan TAIDepartment of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University2021A Resonant Fieldwork on Taiwanese Lesbian Communities’ Soundscape of Local Indie Music
Dian-jia HSUChinese Music Department, Tainan National University of the Arts2020A Study of the Beiguan 78-rpm Records of Chang Yuan Lu Xuan Group in Colonial Taiwan
 Yu-hsuan LIAODepartment of History, National Cheng Kung University2020Scientific Cognitivism, Environmental Ethice and Aesthetice in Taiwan’s “Natural Music” : A Case Study of Bleeding Wolves(1996), The Forest Show (1999) and Frog’s Show (2001)
 Tzu-ying ChuangDepartment of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University2020Listening to WWI: Einstürzende Neubauten’s Lament
 Pei-lan PAODepartment of Music, National Sun Yat-sen University2020The Development of Chinese Orchestral Music in Japan-An Initial Exploration of Chinese Orchestral Music in Kansai Region
 Chun-hao CHENGraduate Institute of Clinical Dentistry2020Courante & Corrente: Musical Mobility of the Baroque Period
Haoran JIANGDepartment of Music, Nanjing University of the Arts2020Restudying Campus Folk Song: from the Perspectives of Phonomusicology and Sinophone Studies
Chi-yu CHENThe Department of Sociology, National Chengchi University2020 The Birth of the 2009 Edition of the Taiwan Presbyterian Church Hymnal Sèng-si
Ya-hsuan KUNGDepartment of Music, Tunghai University2020Proper Voice or Political Voice: A Case Study of Ge Tan Chun Qiu and Wo Wel Ni Ge Chang from Cheng Sheng Broadcasting Corporation.
Tien-yen FENGDepartment of Music, Soochow University2019Time in Tchaikovsky’s Music : Third Symphony in D Major, op.29
Cheng LINDepartment of Japanese Language and Literature, National Taiwan University2019“Re-politicizing” Japanese Postwar Music History: The Case of Toshirō Mayuzumi’s late works
Shao-hsuan LINDepartment of Chinese Literature, National Chung Cheng University2019A Study of Blues by Ma Rainey: Sexuality, Society and Freedom
Xiang-yu ZHAODepartment of Cultural Heritage and Museology, Zhejiang University, China2019The Music and Dance in the Poetry of the Western Regions and Its Textual Research
Tai-wei LINArts and Crafts Department, Tung Fang Design University2019Record Labels and industry development in pre-war Taiwan –– An analysis of paper labels
Shu-wei HSUDepartment of Political Science, National Chengchi University2019Modern and Classic: Shen-Chih’s Design for Qun-Xing-Hui (Star Showcase)
Chia-chi CHENDepartment of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University2018The Bowing of Nanguan Erxian: Converging and Diverging Conventions
Emilia BORZADepartment of Chinese Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland2017The street musicians of Taipei and new Taipei city : identity, community and social portraits
Chia-han YEHDepartment of Music, Soochow University2018Analysis of Soundtracks of Disaster Films and Audience Emotional Responses
Hyunyoo PARKDepartment of English Language and Literature ,Seoul National University, Korea2018Folk Music Scenes in 1970s Korea and Taiwan: Wolganpapsong and Gunshi
Ko-Hua HUNGDepartment of Foreign Languages and Literature / Chinese Literature, National Tsing Hua University2018Sounds Dislocation and Source Tracing: The Aesthetics of Space Displacement in Electronic Dance Music
Tzu-chun LINGDepartment of Chinese Music, National Taiwan University of Arts2018Research on Qiong Yao Films
Chi-yu CHENDepartment of Sociology, National Chengchi University2019The Birth of the 2009 Edition of the Taiwan Presbyterian Church Hymnal Seng-si
Wei LANGChinese Music Department, National Taiwan University of the Arts2017The optimal experience of “pasibutbut” : investigating the consciousness state of Bunun Taiwanese when singing the millet harvest praying song
Ai CHUNGDepartment of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University2017A preliminary study on Taiwan’s radio program kodomo no jikan ‘children’s time’ in colonial taiwan
Hsiao-ning TZENGDepartment of Education, National Chengchi University2016The hall of music and entertainment : the research of arts and cultural performances of the Taipei Zhongshan Hall (City Public Hall)
Yu-ching LIUDepartment of English, National Taiwan Normal University2017Characteristics of the Vocal Rhythm in Jonathan Lee’s and Tom Chang’s Popular Songs
Meng-ting WUDepartment of Music, Tunghai University2016Emotional effects of Teresa Teng’s songs in Taiwanese healthy and disabled older adults
Ting-yun HSUDepartment of Music, National Taiwan University of the Arts2018Musical Time in Contemporary Mandarin Popular Songs: A case study of Male singer-songwriters’ Works
Min-erh WANGDepartment of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, National Taiwan University2015The uncertain identity of Chinese music: symphonization and adaptation from western music in the development of Taipei Chinese Orchestra
Chun-chieh CHANGDepartment of Civic Education and Leadership, National Taiwan Normal University2015The target of consumer and the construction of meaning in musical multimedia works: a case study of “tsiok- kám- sim” television advertising series of elife mall
Hui-ping LIDepartment of Geography, National Taiwan University2016The “strategic essentialism” and “Asia as method” in José Maceda’s academic writings and musical compositions
Lu-Ting CHIADepartment of Traditional Music, Taipei National University of the Arts2016Theatrical uses and musical features of jin-la-man-chang rhythmic mode in que-bo-luan-tan xiqu
Yi-hsiu CHODepartment of English, National Taiwan Normal University2015Musical sublime in the film Life of Pi: from Ang Lee’s cross-cultural perspective
Yi-ju HSIEHDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2015The non-narrative audiovisual oscillating between dynamic and static states: analyzing Ryoichi Kurokawa’s rheo: 5 horizons
Wei-hao PENGDepartment of German Language and Culture, Soochow University2015From A-mei to A-mit: Chang Hui-Mei’s transformation and self-resistance
Tung-yue HUANGDepartment of German Language and Culture, Fu Jen Catholic University2015A research of on music and sound effect in Lee Hsing’s healthy realism films
Chia-hsin CHANGDepartment of Music, National Taiwan University of the Arts2016Hong Kong Imaging China in Jin Yong’s Wuxia TV Original TV Songs
Shu-yao CHUDepartment of Music, Taipei Municipal University of Education2014Song uses and audience experiences of Korean idol dramas: a study on “My girl”, “You’re beautiful”, and “Secret garden”
Wan-ling CHENDepartment of Music, National Kaohsiung Normal University2015Arranging pop song in colonial Taiwan: the case of Teikichi Okuyama’s works
Mei-ju LINDepartment of Real Estate & Built Environmen, National Taipei University2014The song and score of the national policy film sayon no kane in the japanese colonial period
Hui-chieh YANGDepartment of Political Science, National Taiwan University2014Relations in musical multimedia: take “the polarity” in Lady Gaga’s three music videos for example
I-hua YANGDepartment of Chinese Music, Tainan National University of the Arts2015Imagining Taiwan? nanguan in taiwanese contemporary music compositions
Chung-ping CHENDepartment of Engineering Science, National Cheng Kung University2013Tension-Relaxation Patterns in the Retransition to the Recapitulation in Sonata Form: A Study Combining Music Analysis and Measures of Listener Physiology
Chien-jung LEEDepartment of Economics, National Chengchi University2012Dynamic Process in the First Tableau of Petrushka
Ya-chien WENDepartment of Human Development and Family Studies, National Taiwan Normal University2012The Effects of Harmony on Musical Modulation During Active Listening: A MEG Study
Yao-pang CHANGDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2015The ebb and flow of tension in György Ligeti’s Artikulation
Ting-shuo KUODepartment of Chinese, National Kaohsiung Normal University2013Japanese Animated Music in Modern Times: A Case Study of the Animated Film Summer Wars
Yi-fan HSIAODepartment of Anthropology, National Taiwan University2013Re-imagining of “Golden Lineage” and Construction of Pride: The Folk-Rock Band Altan Urag and Mongol Identity
Sheng-an WANGDepartment of Music, Taipei Municipal University of Education2015Taiwanese music and its consciousness: a postcolonial perspective of the post-martial-law-period elementary school music textbook
Ching-yuan LIAODepartment of Economics, National Taiwan University2013A Preliminary Study of Shakuhachi Activities in Colonial Taiwan, with Emphasis of its Popularization (1933-1937) and the Taiwanese Skahuhachi Player Lin A-Fa
Meng-kuei CHANGDepartment of Music, Taipei National University of the Arts2013The Cinematic Labyrinth Created by Illusion and Reality: Narrative Space Constructed by Film Music in David Lynch’s Inland Empire
Jung-shan CHENDepartment of Music, National University of Tainan2012Slow Lyrical Popular Songs in Taiwan: a Study of the Verse – Refrain Form and Listening Behaviors
Chia-ling CHOUDepartment of English Language and Literature, Fu Jen Catholic University2014Gendering “self” and “other” in French orientalist operas after the Franco-Prussian war: Lakmé, Thaïs and La princesse jaune
Ma-dan HODepartment of Music, Taipei Municipal University of Education2014Sounding Space: Hearing Taiwan’s Colonial Experiences in Japanese Recordings
Ching-ting CHOUDepartment of Japanese Language and Literature, National Taiwan University2011A Musical Netnography in the Age of the  Internet: With a Focus on Three Classical Music Blogs
Chun-pei HSIEHDepartment of Social Work, Soochow University2011Latin Rhythms in Taiwanese Puppet Theater
Hao-yu HUANGDepartment of Music, National University of Tainan2011Tracing the Origins of Twenty-Six Atayal  Hymns
Wei-ling SHENDepartment of Music, National Taipei University of Education2013“Noise” as Voice of Resistance: The Acoustic Practice and Performer-Audience Interactions of the Loh Tsui Kweh Commune’s Live Performances, 1990-2001
Yu-han TSAIDepartment of Music, National University of Tainan2012The Functions and Audience Experiences of the Chorus in Broadway Musicals After the 1970s
Shih-yun LIAODepartment of Finance, National Taiwan University2009A Study of Tan Dun’s Northwest Suite:  The Multidimensional Dialogue between Composition and Guoyue
Li-ching WANGSchool and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy, National Taiwan University2009Rocking to the Music: A Study of Motor Patterns and Physiological Measures
Yen-ting CHAODepartment of Health Promotion and Health Education / English, National Taiwan Normal University2010Fusion is Inside of Yourself: Nguyễn Lê and  Sizhukong’s Global Fusion Jazz
Wang-ting CHIUDepartment of Music, Taipei Municipal University of Education2010Becoming “Formosa’s Vocal Bass King”:  A Study of Hung Yi Feng’s Compositions and “Mixed-Blood Songs”
Wei-chiann YANGDepartment of Applied Music, Tainan National University of the Arts2009Analyzing the Red Myth: Musical Schema Shifts in Model Beijing Operas
Shao-shan LIANGDepartment of Ethnomusicology, Nanhua University2010The Glorious Years: the Yi-Sha Dance  Troupe’s Musical Style and Its Applications
Wei-chin CHANGDepartment of Anthropology, National Taiwan University2010Textual and Melodic Arrangement in  Wen-Hsia’s Taiwanese Cover Songs
Wen-shu JUANDepartment of Philosophy, National Chengchi University2011Retelling A Legend: On the Construction of Spectacle in Chen-Da and “Su Siang Ki” in 1970’s Taipei
Pei-ling HUANGDepartment of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University2010A Historical and Cultural Interpretation of Northern Dynasty Dunhuang Music Iconography: With Special Focus on Ensemble Sound and the Ji-Gu Indian Drum
Yu-fen HUANGDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2010Susanne K. Langer’s Theory of Tension and Temporality in Music: Proposing a Multilayer Analysis
Yen-jui CHENDepartment of Music, Taipei Municipal University of Education2010Instrumental Modernity in Taiwanese Literati’s Listening Experiences under Japanese Colonial Rule
Che-yao CHANGDepartment of Traditional Music, Taipei National University of the Arts2009Sonorous Silence – Teng Ge’er’s Nostalgia and Mongolian
I-hsi YEHDepartment of Banking and Cooperative Management, National Taipei University2008The Spatial Construction of the Musical Body and Its Sense of Place: A Case Study of Musical Bodies at Lu-Ming Square
Yan-fang LIOUDepartment of Ethnomusicology, Nanhua University2008Changes in the System of Buddhist Practice, Education, and Ritual Music – The Case of the Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery in Tibetan Buddhism
Yi-chun HSIEHDepartment of Music, National Sun Yat-Sen University2008The Features of Traditional Confucian Temple Music Employed in Bunya Koh’s Works — Kongmiao Dacheng Yuezhang
Chieh-ting HSIEHDepartment of Journalism, National Chengchi University2007Relating Dance and Music Through Dynamics: From Rudolf Laban’s choros to Kurt Jooss’ Tanztheater
Yi-ju WANGDepartment of Philosophy, National Chengchi University2008“Telling a Story”: Three Scat Solos by Ella Fitzgerald
Hung-pei YEHDepartment of History, Fu Jen Catholic University2009A Study of the Guqin Pieces ‘Da Hujia’ and ‘Xiao Hujia’
Chun-li CHENDepartment of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University2010Wind Band Development in Taiwan During the Japanese Colonial Era – With Special Focus on the Taipei Band and Its New Park Open Air Concert Hall Performances
Yi-ju LINDepartment of Music, National Taipei University of Education2007A Strand of Beautified Singing: A Study of the Music of Taiwan Yi-Dan in the Japanese Colonial Period
Tzu-cheng LINDepartment of Music, Soochow University2007The Soundtracks of Western Music in Modern Taiwan: On Taiwanese Concert Life in the Japanese Colonial Era
Ya-ting YANGDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2005Gershwin’s Melodic Strategies in His Instrumental Music: A Stylistic Study ofRhapsody in Blue, the Concerto in F for Piano and Orchestra, and An American in Paris
Yi-ling WUDepartment of Music, Taipei National University of Arts2008Phonographs, Graphophones, and  Gramophones in the Early Japanese Colonial Period of Taiwan (1898-1910) – A Study of the Reportage in the Taiwan Daily News
Yu-wen SHIHDepartment of Music, National University of Tainan2005A Study of the Notational Method ofWenhuantang Fingering Notation: Revisting the Transformation of the Nanguan Notational Concept
Pei-hsiu KAODepartment of Music, Soochow University2008The Musical Mobilization Movement of the  Kominhokokai
Chih-ming LINDepartment of Music, Taipei National University of the Arts2008An Investigation of the Original Resources of Gua-Kang Puppet Music: A Case Study ofHua Ron Daw by the I Wan Jan Puppet Theatre
Ai-mei LUODepartment of Arabic Language and Literature, National Chengchi University2008Three Case Studies of Guqin and Musical Modernization of in China (1918-1937); Wang Lu, Wang Guangqi and the Jinyu Qin Society
Yun-shiou TSAIDepartment of Slavic Languages and Literatures, National Chengchi University2008KHS in Taiwan: A Social History of a Musical Instruments Company
Kun-ter CHANGBerklee College of Music, Department of Professional Performance / National Chiao Tung University, Department of Applied Mathematics2007From “Just for the Love” to “Giant Steps” – The Unique Harmonic / Tonal Structures of John Coltrane’s Early Compositions
Chien-yee YEOHDepartment of Music, Universiti Sains Malaysia2005The Study of Malaysian Chinese Art Songs: An Analysis of Khaw Guan Liang’s Works
Kai-ling HSUDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2005A Study of the Content of Radio Programs in the Japanese Colonial Era — With Special Focus on the Broadcast of Military Songs (1937-1941)
Ming-yen LEEChinese Music Department, National Taiwan University of the Arts2005Indonesian Traditional Music Practice in Islamic Religious Ceremony: Gamelan Sekati as Celebration for Muhammad’s Birthday in Indonesia’s Yogyakarta Palace
Yu-yin CHENDepartment of Music, National Hsinchu University of Education2004The Study of Chinese Drum Culture from the Prehistorical Period to the Han Dynasty
Yu-chun HSUDepartment of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University2004The Experience of Recitation and the Use of Sound in the Rituals of Taiwan’s Muslim Congregations
Ching-lan SUDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2008The Relationship between Temples,  Immigrants, and the Musical Activities of Nanguan Clubs – The Greater Kaohsiung Area as Case Study
Mei-fang HUNGDepartment of Music, National Pingtung University of Education2004The Study of Zheng You-Zhong and His Band – From the 1920’s to the 1960’s
Wen-bin LIANGDepartment of Music Education, National Taipei Teachers College2004A Study of the Ballad “Hsin Hun Bie” – From Work to Society and Era
Pei-yu WUDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2004The Compositional Process in Stravinsky’s Neoclassical Period – Linear Methods in Medium or Large Works
Fang-yi HUNGDepartment of Music, Soochow University2004The Madness of the Time, the Diva of Shanghai: Zhou Xuan, Popular Songs, and Chinese Modernity, 1930s-1950s
Pei-ling CHUNGDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2003Taipei Chamber and Philharmonic Orchestra: A Study of the Tenure of Henry Simon Mazer as Music Director (1985-2002)
Chiao-yin YUDepartment of Japanese Language and Literature, National Taiwan University2005The Transformation of Rhythmic Visual Images – The Interactive Relation of Music and Image in In the Mood For Love
Ching-lan CHANGDepartment of Sociology, National Taiwan University2005Ancient Greek and Chinese Thought on Music Education
Chen-lan SHIHDepartment Of Drama, National Taiwan Academy of Arts2003The Origins of the Antique Chinese Pear-Shaped Lute and Its Reclassification: An Iconographic Study
Pei-ju LIAODepartment of Financial and Economic Law, Chung Yuan Christian University2003An Investigation of the Folksong Collective Movement
Ming-lun LIDepartment of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University2003Pursuing “Authenticity”? – The Ideals and Practices of Conductors of Original Instruments Ensembles in Performances of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
Yi-hui LIDepartment of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University2002The Presentation of Classical Music in Taiwan: A Case Study of Philharmonic Radio Taipei
Yu-kuan CHUANGDepartment of Music, National Sun Yat-sen University2004Yi-dan Musical Activities in 1930s Taiwan – An Analysis of Reports Printed in the 369 Tabloid
Kuang-ta YUANDepartment of Sociology, Fu Jen Catholic University2003Theatrical Performance in Late Qing and Early Republican China – A Case Study of the “New Stage” Movement (1908-1927)
Hui-ling CHENDepartment of Music, Fu Jen Catholic University2003The Philosophy of the I Ching in Chou Wen-chung’s Compositional Practices – WithBian as Analytical Focus
Hao-hsuan CHUANGSchool of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical College2002An Analysis of Therapeutic Elements in Music: The Case Study of Anti-Insomnia Music by Peter Hübner in Medical Resonance Therapy
Yen-ling LIUDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2001The Development of Allan Forte’s Set Theory – From 1973 to 1999
Hui-wen CHANGDepartment of Music, National Taiwan Normal University2002The Life of the Japanese-Colonial-Era Soprano Lin Shi-hao
Shih-shan CHIUDepartment of Music Education, Taipei Municipal Teachers College2001The Impact of the Taiwan Provincial Symphony Orchestra and the Society for the Promotion of Taiwanese Culture in the Early Postwar Era (19545-1949)
Po-wei WENGDepartment of Music Education, National Taichung Teachers College2001From Semiotic to Performing Systems: A Study of the Peking Opera luogu
Hsin-fang CHIANGDepartment of Music, National Institute of the Arts2004The Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra – With an Investigation of Government Policy of Cultural Support
Yung-kai TSAIDepartment of Information Management, National Taiwan University2003Virtuosity in the Arrangements of Bach’s Chaconne in d minor by Brahms and Busoni
Ying-ping HUDepartment of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University2003The Interaction of Music and Image – The Coordination of Visual and Musical Time inCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Hsiang-Ling YANGDepartment of Music, National Institute of the Arts2001The Musical Activities of the Chuchian Local Elite in Qing Dynasty Taiwan – With Special Focus on the Lin and Cheng Families
Li-wen NIEN 2003A Study of Postmodernism in the Compositional Style of Tan Dun’s Orchestral Theatre III: Red Forecast
Hsin-chun LUDepartment of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University2001The Structural Development and Symbolic Meanings of the Burmese Bow-Shaped Harp Saung-gauk
Hsin-yuan LIUDepartment of Animal Science and Technology, National Taiwan University / Department of Music, Soochow University2000Improvisation in Northern Taiwanese Hakkashan gezi
Meng-tzu CHUDepartment of Anthropology, National Taiwan University2001The Musical Practices and Aesthetics of Composing Rock Bands in Taipei — The Case Study of the Chthonic Band
Hui-hu HUANGDepartment of Political Science, National Taiwan University2001Usages of Music in the Minquan Taiwanese Opera Troupe’s Outdoor Stage Performances
Chien-ming CHENDepartment of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University2002The Making of Arrangements in Mandopop
Chien-yi LINDepartment of Law, Soochow University2002Copyright Protection of Indigenous Traditional Musical Works — The Case of the International Copyright Infringement of a Performance by Difang
Yu-chen HUANGDepartment of Library Science, National Taiwan University2000A Study of Expression and Form in the Hermeneutic Perspective of Hanslick’s On the Musically Beautiful