GIM Concert Series

No. 253 Concert─COMPOUND 複體合混


◆ Performance|No.253 Concert: COMPOUND 複體合混
◆ Time|2022/11/25(fri.)19:30
   19:00 Pre-Concert Introduction(Entrance: 18:50)
   20:45 Post-Concert Seminar
◆ Location|The Odeum, NTU Center for the Arts
◆ AdmissionOnline Registration
◆ Conposers|Wei-Chieh Lin, I-lly Cheng、Wei-Chih Liu
◆ Performers|三個人3peoplemusic
   Guzheng/ Kuo Min-Chin
   Zhongruan/ Pan I-Tung
   Dizi/ Jen Chung
   Water Installations/I-lly Cheng
◆ Organizer|NTU College of Liberal Arts
◆ Implementer|NTU GIM
◆ Co-Organizer|NTU Center for the Arts