GIM Concert Series

【Concert No. 268】Ryuta Imafuku’s BARDIC-OPERA – Journey to the Beginning of Song


【Title】Concert No. 268 

Ryuta Imafuku’s BARDIC-OPERA –  Journey to the Beginning of Song

【Time】2024/05/22 Wed. 19:30

【Place】Theater of Foreign Language Teaching & Resource Center, NTU


【Host】College of Liberal Arts, NTU

Organizer】Graduate Institute of Musicology, NTU

【Performers】Ryuta Imafuku(歌、三線、Poetry reading、映像)、大洞敦史(三線)、仲野孝比古(Req, Blues Harp)、羅皓名(Noise Guitar)、曾士銘(Dance)


What I call “Bardic-Opera” is a stage that integrates singing, music, images & films, poetry reading, and dancing.

I hope you will enjoy my Bardic-Opera, “Journey to the Beginning of Song’’, and its full improvisation.

The program is wide-ranging, including Ryuta Imafuku’s short video works “Spirit of Our Time” and “Doris”, performances of Shimauta from Amami and Okinawa, spontaneous poetry readings, and improvisational performances of dance and music using a variety of instruments. Supporting performers are 大洞敦史 (三線), 仲野孝比古(Req, Blues Harp), 羅皓名 (Noise Guitar) and 曾士銘(Dance).

Prologue 朝花 Asabana

Act I 風 Wind

Act II 甜苦的汗水 Sweat Bitter Sweet

Act III 我的學徒時光 My days as an apprentice

Act IV 就像雨一樣,它響動 Like rain, it sounded

Act V 歌手們從哪裡來的 De donde son los cantantes?

Act VI 多麗絲 Doris

Epilogue 傑羅尼莫的遺囑 Jeronimo’s Testament