Full-Time Faculty

Tung Shen

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Qualification: Ph.D., Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University

Research interests: History of Chinese Music, Theory of Chinese Music, Mandarin Popular Songs

Course Taught: Mandarin Pop Songs: 1930- 1970 Music History and Methodology; 1930-1970 Art Map of Taiwan; Practice of Art Activities Production; Music Culture in Modern China; Chinese Popular Songs: 1920-1970

TEL: 02-3366-4696

E-mail: tungshen@ntu.edu.tw


Personal Introduction

Tung Shen’s research interests are mainly on the music history and music theory of ancient China. Her book New Thoughts of the Musics and Dances of the Tang Dynasty (published by Peking University Press, 2004) has been influential among researchers. Since 2011, she started new studies on composer Zhou Lan-ping and mandarin popular songs, 1950-1970. She published Musical Recollection in Formosa: The legend of Zhou Lan-Ping and Four Seas Records (published by National Taiwan University Library, 2013), accompanied by various music activities including concerts, record appreciation and films appreciation, and the second book, The Turmoil and Paradise in Mandarin Popular Music of Post-war Taiwan was published
shortly after. In the past years, she has published more than 50 journal and conference papers, some of them are considered to be of great importance.

She believes that the ultimate goal of academic research is to make contribution to society and to serve the public. As popular music is rooted in the mass, popular music research should especially be connected to the public. Therefore, in addition to writing papers, she actively organized academic activities listed below:

Create databases

  • Four Seas Records Digital Archive: more than 4,000 music (link)
  • Four Seas Records Master Tape Digital Archive: 1610 tapes, nearly 10,000 music files.
  • Database of Musician Zhou Lan-Ping and Four Seas Records: documents, photographs, songbooks
  • Art and Culture Database of Zongshan Hall: The predecessor of Taipei Zongshan Hall is Taipei City Public Auditorium. Constructed in 1928, it became the central place for political activities in Taipei, and also the earliest and the most significant venue for art performances. This project collected information about art and cultural activities held at the hall for the past 80 years (since it was constructed), and established a Database of Zongshan Hall which contains about 10,000 data. The database has been put online in November 2016. (link)

Arrange large-scale exhibitions

  • Musical Recollection in Formosa: The Exhibition of Donated Collection of Zhou Lan-Ping and Four Seas Records. 2012.12.25-2013.3.15. As the curator. (link)
  • 3D Online Exhibition(link)
  • Chamber of Harmony: Special 80th Anniversary Exhibition of Taipei Zongshan Hall. 2016.11.18-2017.3.12. As the curator.

Produce large-scale concerts

  • “Four Seas Records for 60 Years”. 2015.6.26. As the curator and lecturer.
  • “Musical Recollection in Formosa: Concert of Zhou Lan-Ping’s Classic Musical Works”. 2017.1.21. As the curator and lecturer.
  • “Xing Ying like Singing: Concert of Classic Songs from Li Xing’s Movie”. 2018.9.29, 30. As the curator and lecturer. (Under preparation.)

Participating in documentary production

  • As the chief consultant of the documentary film, “Zhou Lan-Ping: His Life and Music”.
  • As the main researcher of the film, “Inseparable from Films: Documentary of Director Li-Xing”.