Full-Time Faculty

Ying-fen Wang



Qualification: Ph.D., Ethnomusicology, University of Pittsburgh

Research interests: Nanguan, music history of Taiwan, social history of music, disciplinary history of musicology, recording industry, radio broadcast, sound media, sound archive, Indigenous music, intangible cultural heritage, cultural policy, digital humanities
Courses Taught: Theory and Method of Musicology, Music in Asia, Introduction to Taiwan Music, Historical Sources of Taiwan Music, Seminar on Music History in Taiwan, Historical Recordings and Taiwan Music, Analysis of Historical Recordings, Recording Industry in Pre-1945 East Asia, Balinese Gamelan Music and Dance, Sound Media in Colonial Taiwan 

TEL: 02-3366-4693

E-mail: nanguanl@ntu.edu.tw

Personal Introduction

Ying-fen Wang (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1992) was the founding director of the Graduate Institute of Musicology at National Taiwan University (NTU) where she is Distinguished Professor. She is also the first musicologist to receive the Outstanding Research Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Her main research interests have been nanguan music and the history of music in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. The former includes the classification system and creative process of nanguan songs as well as nanguan as intangible heritage. The latter includes Japanese musicologists’ research of Taiwanese music before 1945, recording industry, radio programs, and the continuity and change of Indigenous musical life. She collaborated with NTU Library and TMBC to create the Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpo Sound Culture Database (2020), which contains 360,000 entries and more than 20 million characters of keywords and provides rich data for studying the musical life in colonial Taiwan. She was in charge of the founding of GIM’s Ph.D program in 2015. She was also in charge of bringing forth GIM’s Asian ensemble courses since 2017. She has been offering courses of Balinese gamelan music and dance since 2018 and helped founded the NTU Gamelan Club.