Doctoral Colloquium

Lecture: The Application and Transformation of “Shen Ti Gan” in Pipa Performance Tradition(Speaker: Li-Teng Huang)

Time: 4/12(Wed.)15:30 – 17:30

Doctoral Colloquium: The Application and Transformation of “Shen Ti Gan” in Pipa Performance Tradition

Time: 4/12 (Wed) 15:30 – 17:30
Venue: Leshue Bild. Room 105 (free admission)
Speaker: Huang Liteng (Lecturer, Department of Traditional Music, NTUA; PhD student, GIM, NTU)
The author uses the body of the performer as a starting point, and uses the term “Shen Ti Gan” coined by the sensory anthropologist Yu Shuenn-Der as a research path: the author uses the shock of his first encounter with Wang Fandi, and then follows Wang Fandi’s systematic study, using his own body performance as the main body of evidence, and then links it with the “pipa performance tradition” of other masters before him. The author then analyzes how a “tasteful sense of body” manifests the “pipa performance tradition” through performance techniques and its culture from three perspectives: “the unpredictability of tone”, “the structure of the virtual and the real”, and “breath and harmony”.
The author discusses how the pipa, as the subject of contemporary creation, can find a way to integrate the traditional with the contemporary, and where to place the “pipa performance tradition” in the face of both traditional and new works. The author will respond to the contemporary application of the “flavorful pipa performance tradition” from three perspectives: “different expressions of sound”, “the interest of the virtual and the real”, and “the intangible realm of harmony”; and he will also use actual cases to demonstrate how the “flavorful pipa performance tradition” can be reinterpreted and considered by the creator in contemporary creations, and then the possibility of creation.