Musicological Research Seminar

Lecture: Encountering Music AI: Musicological Inquiry, Interdisciplinarity, and Nonprofit Entrepreneurship(Speaker- Dr. Rujing Stacy Huang (HKU))

Time: 3/17 (Fri.) 14:30

【Time】3/17(Fri.)14:30(Free Admission)

【Location】Lesuye Bld. R105

【Speaker】黃儒菁 博士 Dr. Rujing Stacy Huang (Presidental Postdoctoral Fellow, HKU)

【Topic】Encountering Music AI: Musicological Inquiry, Interdisciplinarity, and Nonprofit Entrepreneurship

In this talk, Dr. Rujing Stacy Huang will speak about one of the newest areas of music studies: music and artificial intelligence (AI). As a musicologist and Organizer of the international AI Song Contest, her recent work sits at the nexus of academia and industry, and of (ethno)musicology and music information retrieval (MIR). Dr. Huang will reflect on her work since joining the EU-funded MUSAiC project (“Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism”) in 2020, as she continues to explore the ethical, socio-cultural, and economic implications of AI when applied to music. Her latest project examines the techno-utopian narrative of “AI democratizing art” and tackles the shifting notions of musical labor, talent, and the “deskilled” artist as new technologies continue to alter the social relations of creative production.