GIM Concert Series

No. 239 Concert: 「大鍵琴華彩跨域計畫──四合Quadenza」

Time & Date:12:30-13:20, 26th Mar. 2021

Time & Date:12:30-13:20, 26th Mar. 2021
Location: Old Main Library, 2F. ,National Taiwan University
Introduction:The concert “Quadenza” is designed by artistic and music director, Hsuan Chang Kitano, for the first lunch-time concert at the Gallery of NTU History. Based on the implications in Chinese culture, the number of “four” represents a variety of balance between elements, including the four seasons, four flavors, and four senses. “Project Cadenzas”, which takes its name from the brilliant artistic expression of improvisation, is a performance research program designed to articulate and explore expression, identity, and creativity while also reflecting social-cultural context through musical performance. This designated concert, “Quadenza”, shows one of the examples of “Project Cadenzas”, which addresses improvisational topics and utilized combinations of folkloric Taiwanese, traditional Chinese, and Western (Classical) instruments, the harpsichord. These cross-cultural collaborations provide a great vision and promise in the field of historical performance, presents new means for creating bridges to bring together social and cultural differences.