GIM Concert Series

No. 247 Concert─莫赫拉愛爾蘭樂團音樂會


演出者|@Mo Chara Irish Band 莫赫拉 愛爾蘭樂團
                       Irish Bodhrán & Dancing: Staci
                       Violin: 子涵
                       Guitar: 陳一兩
                       Irish flute & Tinwhistle: 林世唐

◆”Mo chara” is Gaelic (Irish) for “My friend”
Mo Chara Irish Band is the only band which perform Irish music in Taiwan!
In the upcoming concert taking place at NTU, Mo Chara Irish Band will introduce audience Irish music culture including Concertina, Tinwhistle, Bodhrán and SeanNos Dancing. After a short introduction, the band will perform several different types of rhythm from Irish music, such as Jig, Reel, Hornpipe, Polka and Mazurka. In the end, the band will invite the audience to join and experience a simple traditional Irish dancing.